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Daniel Lim
Dear Passionate International Entrepreneurs of the World. Let’s Join Forces and Conquer The World!


From the Desk of Daniel Lim
Written on Nov. 7th, 2018
As you already know, we recently launched MCIE 2.0.
We got an overwhelming response, but what surprised me the most was how more people were interested in MCIE 1.0 than MCIE 2.0.
Which got me thinking A LOT… and then, I noticed, quite honestly, it makes good sense.
Therefore, I have decided we need to continue working on MCIE 1.0 as well as MCIE 2.0 at the same time and integrate them both together.
MCIE 1.0 is NOT dead. We are not killing it and we should not shelf it or going to stop working on it.
Now, it’s come to my attention this whole MCIE 1.0 and 2.0 was a bit confusing to our current members and I would like to clarify as much as I can in the following open letter to all MCIE members, new and old, alike.
About MCIE 1.0:
* It will continue to be FREE.
* It’s going to be for NEW Entrepreneurs who are still starting out, learning to be an entrepreneur.
* MCIE 1.0 is perfect for Students who are still in school.
* MCIE 1.0 is for people who cannot afford to become a member of the MCIE 2.0.
* Access to the Online Course. (FREE)
* Access to the MCIE FaceBook Page. (FREE)
* Access to the MCIE FaceBook Group. (FREE)
* Access to the MCIE Linkedin Group. (FREE)
* Access to the MCIE Slack Channel. (FREE)
* Access to the MCIE Discord Group. (FREE)
* Access to the MCIE Telegram Group. (FREE)
* Access to the MCIE WhatsApp Group. (FREE)
About MCIE 2.0:
* We want to save you TIME!
* Our Goal is your PEACE of mind!
* We desire to help you make MORE money!
* Gives our MCIE 2.0 members more FREEDOM!
* You have to work hard to be successful, and we will do all we can to help.
* MCIE 2.0 is for serious Entrepreneurs ONLY.
* MCIE 2.0 is NOT free. There are REAL Costs, Licenses and Expenses to run MCIE 2.0.
* MCIE 2.0 is for people who WANT to quit their day jobs and become Entrepreneurs.
* There will be multiple Private WhatsApp Groups.
* There will be multiple Members Only Online Course which a lot of Resources, Videos, Tips & Strategies for taking you & your Business to the next level.
* Members of MCIE will get a new online course, once a month. ***
*** In response to several questions about the topics, we are including a list of subjects our online course will cover in the section below:
The MCIE 2.0 Online Courses Pipeline:

* How To Buy Solo Ads: Basic Solo Ads Course – instant access. — (Value: $97)
* How To: Instagram Advertising: Basic Instagram Ads Course – instant access — (Value: $97)
* How To: Facebook Advertising: Basic Facebook Ads Course – instant access — (Value: $97)
* How To: YouTube Advertising: Basic YouTube Advertising Course – instant — (Value: $97)
* Email Marketing – Advanced Course — (Value: $497)
* Facebook Ads – Advanced Course — 50% complete — (Value: $297)
* Starting a Facebook Business – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* Facebook Marketing – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* Facebook Re-marketing / Re-targeting – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* Inside Google AdSense – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* Instagram Marketing – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* Instagram Stories – Basic to Advanced Course — 50% complete — (Value: $297)
* LinkedIn Ads – Basic to Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* LinkedIn Marketing – Basic to Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* List Building – Basic to Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* SEO – Basic to Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* Holographic SEO – Basic to Advanced Course — (Value: $497)
* Video Ads – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* Video Marketing – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* YouTube Ads – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* YouTube Marketing – Advanced Course — (Value: $297)
* Teach Me Online Marketing – Basic Course with Videos (100% complete, will continue to add and update)
* — (Value: $999)
* WordPress Master Course – From Basic to Advance — (Value: $997)
* As you can see, some courses are already 100% complete, however we will continue to add and update them time goes on, because things change all the time.
Other Resources:

** FACEBOOK MARKETING MAESTRO 1.0100% Complete & Available: $297)

>>> You may purchase the FACEBOOK MARKETING MAESTRO eBook @ — (Value: $47)

** FACEBOOK MARKETING MAESTRO 2.0 – We will update and turn this into an online course. — (Value: $497)
** There will be many more eBooks & Bonus Resources inside MCIE 2.0.
On the next page I would like to share the Road Map of MCIE, since the beginning… .
I hope this clears things up.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this & as always, we love to hear from you,

Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, comment or Feedback.
How may we assist you?
Dear Daniel Lim
Founder of
This Concludes Part 1
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By The MemberClouds Team

The MemberClouds Team