Pass an Array as Props

Pass an Array as Props

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Challenge: Pass an Array as Props

Intro: The last challenge demonstrated how to pass information from a parent component to a child component as props or properties. This challenge looks at how arrays can be passed as props. To pass an array to a JSX element, it must be treated as JavaScript and wrapped in curly braces.

  <ChildComponent colors={["green", "blue", "red"]} />

The child component then has access to the array property colors. Array methods such as join() can be used when accessing the property.

const ChildComponent = (props) => <p>{props.colors.join(', ')}</p>

This will join all colors array items into a comma separated string and produce:

<p>green, blue, red</p>

Later, we will learn about other common methods to render arrays of data in React.

Instructions: There are List and ToDo components in the code editor. When rendering each List from the ToDocomponent, pass in a tasks property assigned to an array of to-do tasks, for example ["walk dog", "workout"]. Then access this tasks array in the List component, showing its value within the p element. Use join(", ") to display the props.tasksarray in the p element as a comma separated list. Today’s list should have at least 2 tasks and tomorrow’s should have at least 3 tasks.

Live Preview:

To Do Lists



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