Create a Component with Composition

Create a Component with Composition

Challenge: Create a Component with Composition

Intro: Now we will look at how we can compose multiple React components together. Imagine you are building an App and have created three components, a NavbarDashboard, and Footer. To compose these components together, you could create an App parent component which renders each of these three components as children. To render a component as a child in a React component, you include the component name written as a custom HTML tag in the JSX. For example, in the render method you could write:

return (
  <Navbar />
  <Dashboard />
  <Footer />

When React encounters a custom HTML tag that references another component (a component name wrapped in < /> like in this example), it renders the markup for that component in the location of the tag. This should illustrate the parent/child relationship between the App component and the NavbarDashboard, and Footer.

Instructions: In the code editor, there is a simple functional component called ChildComponent and a React component called ParentComponent. Compose the two together by rendering the ChildComponent within the ParentComponent. Make sure to close the ChildComponent tag with a forward slash.

Note: ChildComponent is defined with an ES6 arrow function because this is a very common practice when using React. However, know that this is just a function. If you aren’t familiar with the arrow function syntax, please refer to the JavaScript section.

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