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10 Major freeCodeCamp improvements now live – FreeCodeCamp Solutions

10 Major freeCodeCamp improvements now live

10 Major freeCodeCamp improvements now live

These 10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are now live

Our contributors have been hard at work on several major improvements to freeCodeCamp. And I’m thrilled to announce that all of the following improvements are now live on www.freecodecamp.org 1.1k!

Improvement #1: More than 1,000 new coding challenges
We’ve retooled freeCodeCamp’s curriculum to emphasize fundamental software development skills and concepts:

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Accessibility
  • Visual Design
  • Data Structures
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Debugging
  • Information Security
  • Testing
    You’ll still learn specific tools like Node.js and React, but these appear further into our curriculum.

We recommend working through the curriculum in order from start to finish, but feel free to skip around if you just want to learn a specific skill.

Improvement #2: New Certifications
You can still claim all of the original 3 certifications (Front End, Back End, and Data Visualization) from the freeCodeCamp settings page. And now we also offer 6 new certifications.

Each of these new certifications has 5 required projects that you must complete. All the other coding challenges are optional, and serve to prepare you for these projects.

Improvement #3: Projects Now Have Test Suites
In the past, freeCodeCamp’s projects just had user stories. It was up to you to interpret these user stories and turn them into working features.

Now every required project on freeCodeCamp has its own suite of tests. These tests can help guide your coding. And you can run them to see whether your project is ready to submit.

You can include these test suites in your project by including a single line of JavaScript. This means you can build your projects anywhere: on CodePen, JSBin, Glitch, or right on your local computer. Our only requirement is that your projects have a publicly accessible URL on the web.

Improvement #4: Coding Interview Prep challenges
Thousands of people have asked for a section focused on coding interview preparation. So we’ve added hundreds of advanced algorithm and data structure challenges, and dozens of optional “take home projects” that you can build for practice.

Some of these challenges are extremely difficult, and will take even veteran programmers hours to complete.

Long after you’ve finished all of freeCodeCamp’s certifications, you can keep coming back and expanding your skills here.

Improvement #5: Enhanced Privacy Tools
You may have heard of GDPR – Europe’s new privacy laws. We are happy to report that we’re in full compliance with these.

You now have full control over what data you want shown on your public freeCodeCamp portfolio page.

You’ve always been able to delete your freeCodeCamp account in the settings page (and yes – this really deletes it from freeCodeCamp’s servers).

Now you also have the ability to completely reset your freeCodeCamp progress.

Improvement #6: Fully Customizable Portfolio Pages
Now you can add links to non-freeCodeCamp projects you’ve built, articles you’ve published, open source contributions, and links to anything you’re proud of.

You can add as much or as little as you want to your freeCodeCamp portfolio.

Improvement #7: Lighting Fast Learning Platform
We’ve rebuilt our learning platform from the ground up. Our full curriculum is now on the learn.freeCodeCamp.org 2.3k subdomain. It’s a fast single-page web app with a clean, simple design.

Improvement #8: As-you-type Search
Now you can search through more than 8,000 freeCodeCamp lessons, articles, videos, and podcasts, right from freeCodeCamp’s navigation bar.

Improvement #9: Enhanced security with passwordless sign-in
Passwords are a pain to remember. And they’re also a huge security risk. More and more websites are getting rid of passwords completely. And freeCodeCamp is one of them.

Now when you sign in, we’ll email you a link you can click that will immediately sign you in to freeCodeCamp.

If you used to sign in using Google, Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you will need to add your email address to your account here 466.

Improvement #10: Welcome dashboard
Each time you sign in to www.freeCodeCamp.org 568, you’ll be greeted with a Welcome dashboard with an inspiring quote and statistics about your progress through the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

There will be bugs – help us fix them by reporting them
We just pushed a ton of new code. Even though we tested it to the best of our ability, there will always be things we missed. You can track our open GitHub issues and create new issues here 433.

Known bugs we’re working on fixing this week:
Some people are reporting they are unable to claim certifications from the /settings page yet, and some are. We’re refactoring our settings page to make it more reliable.
Currently most of your past solutions are not available. We have not lost any of your data. We are working on a way to add these solutions back to your account. Also, some of the solutions that you see on your profile may not work at the moment.
We are working on adding the hint buttons back in.
Night Mode doesn’t work on the learning platform yet. We’re working on fixing this.

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